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Venturi Engineering Solutions is a boutique engineering firm based out of Edmonton, Canada specializing in energy based data analytics, optimization and hydraulic modelling.

Our mission is to help transition into a safer, sustainable future by optimizing energy transportation

Anthony Chan
CEO & Co-Founder

Since 2015, Venturi Engineering Solutions has tackled difficult energy transportation problems, with a focus on quality, value and creativity. Founded by two engineers with a vision of building an efficient and streamlined engineering firm, Venturi was built on steady-state and transient hydraulic studies for major pipeline operators.

As the world’s energy needs evolve, and sustainability and efficiency become top priority for our clients, governments and society as a whole, Venturi seeks to apply its talents towards this goal. Data analytics, process optimization and smart solutions are the future of energy transportation, and Venturi is ready to make it happen.

Our Core Values

Our Quality Policy

Venturi Engineering Solutions Inc. is a boutique pipeline engineering firm committed to providing quality services for its customers in the following areas:

All Venturi team members are involved in improving the quality management system effectiveness on a continual basis, achieving our commitments for quality, cost, and schedule while maintaining customer satisfaction.
Venturi complies with all applicable legal, customer, and industry standards and maintains a quality management system that is operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Industry Experts

Meet The Leaders

CEO & Co-Founder, P.Eng
Anthony Chan

As the CEO and co-founder of Venturi, my role includes doing whatever it takes to create good for our team, purpose for the company and value for our clients.

I get the amazing job of dreaming big, looking far out, generating R&D ideas and helping our team bring them to life. Having grown, won, failed and learned in business over the last 15+ years, I have a passion for entrepreneurship and devote a ton of time as an active member of the local business community.

If I’m not on a Zoom call or chatting at a coffee shop, you will most likely find me mountain biking in the river valley, loading film on the Leica M6, or enjoying craft ice cream on a sunny patio with the kids.

COO & Co-Founder, P. ENg
Justin Adam

I am a co-founder and COO of Venturi, which allows me to work closely with our great team of engineers on tough technical problems. Overseeing most of our technical projects, my role is to drive excellence in all that we do at Venturi by providing clear targets, guidelines, and reviews.

Being able to deliver creative solutions and meaningful insight to our clients is what fuels my love for this work.

When away from the office, I like to spend my time unwinding in the mountain trails or our great river trail system here in town.

VP Engineering, P.Eng
Tyler Rushfeldt

I have over 10 years of experience in the pipeline industry working in various operations, process control and project management roles. I apply this experience to both manage and assist across various technical projects, encourage and train team members to achieve the most they can professionally and personally while helping drive Venturi toward being an ever more conscientious company.

Striving for optimized solutions and reducing impacts to the environment is a passion of mine, especially since, I try to spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors with my friends and family. 

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