From safety to sustainability, we have your back and provide you with integrated and efficient solutions.

Venturi offers integrated and innovative solutions to the most common engineering problems

Overpressure events and potential pipeline ruptures and leaks

We possess expertise in flow assurance and hydraulic modeling to investigate what-if scenarios and mitigate operational concerns.

Not detecting leaks or upset conditions quickly enough to mitigate a leak event

Expand your resources with experts that are productive from day one to enhance your leak detection technologies and staffing needs.

Operator error (human error) with operating pipelines

We bring innovation in digital pipeline trainers and operator-qualification programs with a strong bias towards delivering the best results.

Suboptimal control of pumps and PCVs’ due to poor tuning parameters

Work with passionate experts who understand your industrial automation needs and troubleshoot equipment inefficiencies.

Emissions reduction due to public and stakeholder pressure

We are here to empower your efforts in energy transition towards action and transparency with the latest digital technology.

Waste of resources (pumping power, DRA)

Bringing energy to the market requires significant operational overhead. Our real-time software solutions can provide decisive results to bring savings.



There are inherent risks of overpressure for any pipeline system. Pump trips, valve closures, and other unexpected events may compromise the safety and operability of the pipeline.

Venturi offers comprehensive transient hydraulic analysis to evaluate the level of overpressure risk and determine a suite of mitigative strategies in order to operate the pipeline system in a safe and efficient manner.

Steady state analysis is used to highlight areas for optimization, and to recommend equipment sizing and operational procedures to our clients.

Process control

Using industry best-practices and simulation techniques, Venturi can ensure every step of process control is meeting your specific process needs. Whether it’s process control valve (PCV) selection, simulated controller tuning, or field tuning verification, we have the industry experience to tackle your problem.

Our analytical approach ensures your process control provides efficient, safe, and long-lasting operation of your PCV or VFD process in worst-case conditions.

Pipeline Safety

As our portfolio and team has evolved, we have worked intimately with our clients to improve  pipeline safety systems. Applying our pipeline analysis experience, with data and software skills, we have provided critical support to major pipeline operators’ computational leak detection systems to improve detection and consistency across the continent.

In addition, maintenance and improvement of pipeline operator training and testing programs ensure those controlling the flow of energy are qualified and confident in a variety of scenarios. Training software reproduces an exact replica of the  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system used in the true control center, with live, accurate hydraulic simulations running in the background.

Energy Analytics

Combining subject matter expertise with analytical thinking, Venturi is ready to apply next-generation data analytics techniques to improve the way energy is moved and used.

Implementing optimization and machine learning prediction to your processes has never been more accessible and important. Through these methods, we can assist operators in using energy more efficiently, with live optimization of pumps and control strategies based on the latest power grid demands or pricing. Live health monitoring of equipment provides operators with smart maintenance scheduling based on real-world data, predicting the optimal time to intervene.


Pipeline operators can rely on safer, highly efficient and sustainable processes.

We make energy transportation [safer]

Steady-state analysis is used to highlight areas for optimization and to recommend equipment sizing and operational procedures to our clients

We empower pipeline operators/companies with business intelligence

We nurture & harness excellence, curiosity and creativity, cultivate an open, inclusive, and encouraging work environment to elevate ourselves and our community.

We harmonize energy systems for tomorrow

Steady state analysis is used to highlight areas for optimization, and to recommend equipment sizing and operational procedures to our clients

We help optimize your bottom line

Steady state analysis is used to highlight areas for optimization, and to recommend equipment sizing and operational procedures to our clients

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