Venturi Website Refresh and 2021 Outlook

Through 2020, we invested significant resources into diversifying our skill sets and product/service offerings. Entering this year, we felt it was critical that we show this re-invention to the world.

This website was designed with the goal of showcasing our expertise, creativity, and commitment to sustainability. When Venturi was founded in 2015, our sole business focus was hydraulic analysis, using our experience gained through major pipeline operators to produce efficient, high-quality results. As the world’s priorities have evolved, so have Venturi’s: efficiency is no longer the sole end goal – sustainability, safety, and social responsibility are now critical to long-term success.

“Our mission is to to help transition into a safer, sustainable future by optimizing energy transportation”

Anthony Chan, CEO & Founder

The pandemic and subsequent drop in oil prices has been challenging for all, but it also provided an opportunity for Venturi to meet these new priorities. The strengths of our dynamic, young team of engineers allowed for a building of skills and expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and process optimization. Participation in the REMI program (Reducing Emissions through Machine Intelligence), presented by the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, provided important exposure to the possibilities of artificial intellegence and machine learning in the energy industry. These technologies have incredible potential for our clients, granting new gains in energy optimization, energy forecasting, and predictive maintenance. Continued devotion to these projects are ongoing, and we can’t wait to share this progress with our clients.

We hope as you explore our new website, you feel the same passion for the future that we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and get the conversation started for how Venturi can work for you.

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